Monday, 12 December 2011

Welcome to my first blog posting.

I would like to welcome you to my blog.  I am stil very new to the whole blogging scene, so please excuse any and all mistakes that I might make.  Any and all comments will be appreciated.

Here is a Magnolia card that I made.  This was my very first Magnolia card ever and it is also the very first time that I have done an image that was completly colored with Copic markers.
This image is a Magnolia image that my very good blogging friend Sharon from have sent me.  Thank you Sharon.

This is the completed card, not quite sure why the image is not upright, as I have tried to rotate it, the quality of the photo is not so good either, but unfortunatly I have given the card away with out taking another photo.

Thank you for sharing my first post with me, hopefully I will get better.
Have an awsome day.


  1. Welcome dear Marika. This is fabulous. I am so very proud of you dear and wish you many followers and lots of happy years blogging and sharing your talents with us. I will definitely let my friends know that you're around and will add you to my SA friends list on my blog. Tons of hugs, Sharon x

  2. Welkom in Blogland meisie, so bly jy het die sprong gemaak, dit is scary in die begin, maar mens raak gou gewoond!!!
    Lief die kaart, mal oor maggies een natuurlik copic's wat bo my vuurmaak plek is, hehehehe, hoop om nog baie meer te sien hier.......:))
    tonne liefde

  3. Welcome Marika, always good to see another S.African blogger around. Don't worry we have all been there, made mistakes, learnt from one another, so I am sure you will soon find your feet and enjoy it all. Your colouring is great, I am not really a good with copics, but am trying to learn.
    By the way it was due to Sharon that I also started my blog two years ago, so we have something in common.
    Warm wishes and have fun, Ursula

  4. wonderful to see another SAfrican in blogland and look forward to seeing all your creatviity that you intend to share, may you enoy the journey as much as the rest of us bloggers

  5. Marika, well done! Your first post is always difficult. It get's easier, so keep going.
    Lovely card. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Pop in and visit my blog

  6. Hi Marika ... welkom in Blogland.
    Ek is seker jy gaan dit sommer vreeslik baie geniet.