Good Morning

I have been playing around with the idea of starting a separate page on my blog, to showcase the jewellery that I make.  I have been making jewellery for about 2 years now, but usually it was just for friends and family.  Lately I have had a few people that expressed their wishes for me to make jewellery for them that they could buy, either for themselves or as gifts.

So as from today I would like to "test the water" as the saying goes.  I will be posting pictures of previous jewellery that I made and then I will also post pictures of new jewellery that I have made and they will then be for sale.  So if you are interested, please send me an e-mail or make a comment and I will be in contact with you.

This bracelet I made for my cousin, who was expecting a little baby boy, I gave it to her at her Storck Party.

This set was a gift to my sister-in-law for her birthday about 2 years ago.

Another set that was for a birthday, but this is one of the very first sets that I was asked to made that was bought from me.

Another set that was bought, complete with bracelet, chain and earrings.

This was a birthday gift to my best friend who used to work with me.

Another chain where you can actually change the pendant from cross to heart.

Thank you for staying and reading my post.  I am busy making up some sets as well as loose pieces.  Please leave me a comment and should you like anything that you see here, please contact me.

Have a great day.