Monday, 30 July 2012

Your day

Good Morning

We have been very luck here in Cape Town, we have had 8 days of sun shine and I am just so happy about that.  Usually it is overcast and rainy.  But I have been "reassured" many times that the summer is still a long way off. I am so looking forward to the summer.

I am also very excited to announce that we have bought a house and that all the paper work and stuff is now at the lawyers.  Now we are only waiting for the transfer, hopefully it will be done by mid September.  There is a lovely room that I have put my name on, it will need lots of TLC, but I will, for the first time ever, have a room that will be my room and that I will be able to do in what I want and as I please in.

I had so much fun with my previous card that I really wanted to make another card that do not have a stamped image as it's main focus.  My son's best friend, Rauben's mom had her birthday last week Friday and I made this card to give to her.

I have had this piece of paper in my stash for such a long time, I just love the colour and the overall theme of the paper, for a long time I have felt sorry to use the pretty papers in my stash, but I have come to realise that there will always be pretty papers and I can just buy some more.  As the lady that received this card is not one for to many details, I kept it clean and simple.

I only used a part of the paper, so I will be able to make a few more cards with this paper.  I think it is a paper from Basic Grey, but I might be wrong.

The sentiment just say "your day", clean and simple.

I used this piece of the paper and made a bookmark for her as she loves to read. 

I traced the flower on some parchment paper and just made a hole at the bottom and I then put a piece of ribbon through.  I only realised this morning that I did not take a photo of the finished bookmark.

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Have a great week as it is only Monday today.


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